Under development

Framework Agreements for the Development of 1,020 MW PV, Italy

In 2020 Ellomay signed a Framework Agreement for the development of 1,020 MW PV through multiple Photovoltaic Plants in Italy with an expected cost of 900-940M Euros.

Out of the 1,020 MW’s, the construction of 20 MW has started in 2022, approximately 180 MW will commence construction in 2023, 243 MW is expected to commence construction in 2024, 352 MW is expected to commence construction in 2025 and 220 MW is expected to commence construction in 2026.


Development of Photovoltaic licenses combined with storage, Israel (66 MW PV & 546 MW/hour)

  1. The Komemiyut project: 21 MW PV and 47 MW / hour batteries. Ellomay has obtained an approval for connection to the grid and is in the process of receiving a building permit. Construction is planned to commence in the third quarter of 2023.
  2. The Qelahim project: 15 MW PV and 33 MW / hour batteries. Ellomay obtained an approval for connection to the grid and is in the final stages of the zoning approval.
  3. The Talmei Yosef project, an expansion of the existing project (as of today 9 MW PV): an addition of 10 MW PV and 22 MW / hour batteries. Ellomay’s request for zoning approval has been filed and approval is expected to be received in the first quarter of 2023.
  4. The Talmei Yosef Storage Project in batteries: approximately 400 MW / hour. Zoning approval has been obtained in 2022.
  5. The Sharsheret project: 20 MW PV and 44 MW / hour batteries. The submission of the zoning request for the project is expected early 2023.
  6. Additional 250 dunams of land under advanced planning stages for PV plants.

Development of a 150 MW PV Portfolio in Texas USA

Ellomay signed a Joint Development Agreement (“JDA”) in 2023 for the development of Distributed Generation photovoltaic plants in the Texas, USA. The JDA was executed with a local project development company experienced in the development of energy projects, site acquisitions, capital markets and commercial management.
Ellomay’s strategy is to construct multiple PV plants in close proximity to the Dallas metropolitan area, each with a capacity of approximately 10 MWac.
The first projects with an aggregate capacity of approximately 46 MW are expected to be connected to the grid in 2024.