Ellomay Capital Ltd., an Israeli based public company, whose shares are registered with the NYSE American and with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “ELLO”, is a renewable energy power generator and developer in Europe and Israel.


  • 51% of Talasol which owns a Photovoltaic Plant with a peak capacity of 300 MW in the municipality of Talaván, Cáceres, Spain.
  • 83.333% of Ellomay Pumped Storage (2014) Ltd., which is involved in a project to construct a 156 MW pumped storage hydro power plant in the Manara Cliff, Israel.
  • 9.375% of Dorad Energy Ltd., which owns and operates one of Israel’s largest private power plants with production capacity of approximately 860MW, representing about 6%-8% of Israel’s total current electricity consumption.
  • 100% of Ellomay Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Spain which produces 28 MW
  • 100% of Groen Gas Goor B.V., Groen Gas Oude-Tonge B.V. and Groen Gas Gelderland B.V., project companies operating anaerobic digestion plants in the Netherlands, with a green gas production capacity of approximately 3 million, 3.8 million and 9.5 million (with a license to produce 7.5 million) Nm3 per year, respectively.
  • 100% of Four Separate Photovoltaic Plants in Spain which produce 7.9 MW
  • 100% of various Photovoltaic Plants in Italy, out of which 20 MW are under advanced construction and 180 MW are expected to commence construction in 2023.