Ellomay Capital Announces Results of 2022 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Tel-Aviv, Israel, January 20, 2022 – Ellomay Capital Ltd. (NYSE American; TASE: ELLO) (“Ellomay” or the “Company”), a renewable energy and power generator and developer of renewable
energy and power projects in Europe and Israel, today announced that at the extraordinary general meeting of the Company’s shareholders, held on January 20, 2022 (the “EGM”), the following
proposals were adopted and approved by the required majority (including the special majority required in connection with proposals 1 and 3):
For more information, please see the Company’s Notice and Proxy Statement relating to the EGM, furnished on Form 6-K to the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 9, 2021.
About Ellomay Capital Ltd.
Ellomay is an Israeli based company whose shares are registered with the NYSE American and with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “ELLO”. Since 2009, Ellomay Capital
focuses its business in the renewable energy and power sectors in Europe and Israel.
To date, Ellomay has evaluated numerous opportunities and invested significant funds in the renewable, clean energy and natural resources industries in Israel, Italy and Spain, including:
For more information about Ellomay, visit http://www.ellomay.com.
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  1. Reelection of Dr. Michael J. Anghel an external director for a second three-year term;
  2. Approval of the terms of service of Dr. Anghel as an external director; and
  3. Approval of grant of options to Dr. Anghel as an external director.
    • Approximately 7.9MW of photovoltaic power plants in Spain and a photovoltaic power plant of approximately 9 MW in Israel;
    • 9.375% indirect interest in Dorad Energy Ltd., which owns and operates one of Israel’s largest private power plants with production capacity of approximately 860MW, representing
    about 6%-8% of Israel’s total current electricity consumption;
    • 51% of Talasol, which owns a photovoltaic plant with a peak capacity of 300MW in the municipality of Talaván, Cáceres, Spain;
    • Groen Gas Goor B.V., Groen Gas Oude-Tonge B.V. and Groen Gas Gelderland B.V., project companies operating anaerobic digestion plants in the Netherlands, with a green gas
    production capacity of approximately 3 million, 3.8 million and 9.5 million (with a license to produce 7.5 million) Nm3 per year, respectively; and
    • 83.333% of Ellomay Pumped Storage (2014) Ltd., which is involved in a project to construct a 156 MW pumped storage hydro power plant in the Manara Cliff, Israel.